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FB is a more than a social networking portal, its one of the most popular portals online used to connect with friends, find new friends, share things and join communities. It provides many unique features in addition to connect and find old friends and expressing yourself. You can access you account here Facebook login
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Any body can create an account signing up on its site, registration is as always absolutely free. You can register an account by going here : signup or by clicking the button facebook signup


There are many features that stands it apart from its alternatives. Day by day new and new social networking services are being launched to compete with facebook.com but the pioneer in sharing, connecting and social networking is only one, infact its user base reached to 1.55 billion active users. Some features are :

  1. Have your relationship status
  2. FB Messenger to chat
  3. The Like button and activity timeline
  4. Mobile App

There are many alternatives which are competing in the field of social networking, some of them are :

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Youtube
  4. Amazon